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  • Immune System & Reproductive Health
  • General Wellness
  • Exercise & Sports
  • Energy Release, Health & Vitality


  • Nutrients for Heart’s Health
  • Energy Release, Vigour & Vitality
  • Exercise & Heart
  • Boost Immune System
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Normal Homocysteine Metabolism
  • Brain’s Function
  • General Wellness


  • Support Healthy Lifestyle
  • Immunity
  • Bone's Health
  • Energy, Vigour&Vitality


  • All-round Support for Healthy Vision
  • Carotenoids for Good Vision
  • Greater Nutritional Care for Eye
  • General Health and Wellbeing
  • Ideal for Contact Lens Wearers
  • Reduces Dryness of Eyes

India’s Own Health, Immunity & Nutritional Supplements Online Store

Ajwellness is dedicated to provide everything that you will need to make your health and immunity stronger.

We provide health supplement for each and every group of peoples, we have dedicated Multivitamin supplement products from Man, Woman, Cardiac and Vision. You can fill your health kart with it and start your journey of fitness today.

We have upper hand in this Industry. Because, we are making people healthier since 2010.

If you are looking for a protein, Multivitamin, Fitness Supplements, which can give you a great immunity and can also increase your performance, Then, Ajwellness is one-stop-shop.

There are many things which make us different than other Supplement Providers in India.

  • Top Man and woman nutritional/fitness supplements.
  • Proper Categories of multivitamin to choose from.
  • Detailed description of product and its ingredients.
  • Government approved and FSSI certified Multivitamin Products.
  • Sale and discounts of Multivitamins.
  • 100% Indian made authentic multivitamin product.
  • High quality and safety standards.
  • Easy return and delivery policies.

We are living in a world where everyone is so busy, due to that, No one is able to look after their vitamins and minerals needs. The right nutrition is of prime importance. At Ajwellness we get you covered with our premium quality multivitamins, we are the first Indian multivitamin company we are targeting particularly on each and every daily need on vitamins…


Ajwellness Man is the best multivitamin for the Man, who don’t have time to look after their vitamin needs, we have added all required vitamins and ingredients like, Ginseng and Green Tea to boost performance of Man. We have also added workout essentials like proteins, gainers, amino acids and more.

Same Like this we have Ajwellness Woman, Ajwellness Cardiac and Ajwellness Vision, these are designed to complete the over all nutritional needs of you Heart and Eyes.

Ajwellness woman is the perfect multivitamin supplement for any woman, this will give you the energy to work whole day and complete the required amount of vitamin and protein need.

We have many new products to come this year and all of them will be of top quality at lowest price possible, So, don’t wait and fill your health cart with Premium Multivitamin supplements.

So, up your fitness game with the right Fitness Supplements.

These are several reasons why Ajwellness is the right choice for you when it comes to high- performance health supplements:

Ajwellness Return Policy

  • The return and delivery policies with Ajwellness are very simple for your benefit
  • Products are delivered within 5-6 working days of placing your order.
  • You can track your order via a link you will get on email after placing an order.
  • We provide a 14-day return policy in case the customer receives a damaged product.