Renown Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (RPPL), founded in 2011 is into the manufacturing of health supplements

which includes Multivitamins and Minerals, Cod liver oils, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E Capsules, etc. RPPL has an in-house team of professionals working round the clock to develop new formulations. Our major markets include the CIS countries, Africa, Sri Lanka, and Latin America. Etc.

With this vast experience and knowledge AJWellness has been created by Renown Pharmaceuticals as a brand to provide everyone with the best nutritional assistance.

We adhere to the highest levels of quality standards and innovation. There are different products to cater to the specific needs and growing demands of the domestic market. All of these are being driven by quality and innovation.

AJWellness has a highly competent R&D team which consistently does new research and develops new formulations so we can empower healthy living. We are committed to giving all ages a good and a healthy life by providing everyone with the advantages of nutrition science.